Distance Matrix Technology

With the help of coordinates, PTV's modules may return the distance and travel time based on the road network.

This can be done in real time or as a large batch job for creating a distance matrix.

PTV's systems can provide your system with the travel time / distance / cost as part of an integrated solution.

PTV has several solutions for time and distance calculations. The solutions are grouped into two categories.

Distance table (matrix):

A distance matrix table is created in a big batch job that includes travel times and distances between a certain number of starting points and destinations. PTV delivers tools to implement these jobs, but also performs the actual consultancy in the area.

Dynamic solution (real time):

PTV's tools are built into the external system to generate distance and travel times as required. By calling the PTV system, you get right back a result that is based on an up to date map. Several integration options are available, see Integration.

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