Digital Maps

To use our planning technologies, you also need an accurate digital map.

PTV with their own section of map development collaborates with several different map providers and performs conversions as required.

The map needs to be made up of vectors which allows calculations based on the road network.

PTV also has a wide range of custom maps that includes a database of over 230.000 geocoded postcodes in Europe.

We can produce maps of the whole world, please contact PTV if you have specific requests.

Maps of the PTV system includes:

  • The most comprehensive database of European poscodes.
  • Size Constraints (BK1, BK2)
  • One-way roads, turn restrictions, speed variations etc.
  • Searchable locations and street addresses
  • Ferry lines with the ability to control the route to specific ferries.
  • Toll roads on the European level
  • The ability to geocode own customers by postcode, coordinates, street address, etc.

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    Detailed maps at street level

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