PTV has several years of experience in integration with enterprise systems, mobile data, GIS systems, supply chain systems, TMS, etc.

Both PTV's Route Planning and Route Optimisation are available as modules for integration.

PTV's systems provide a unique "intelligence" to the planning process of the company and existing systems. All systems what are in need of optimisation, planning and tracking can be further improved with the PTV technology.

The open data structure in PTV's modules makes it very easy to integrate with multiple technologies. For example, you may allocate orders per vehicle in real time through a booking system that communicates with the PTV Route Optimisation.

By calling PTV's modules you may quickly retrieve a route optimised results, which in turn is processed by the host system. Export map images, itineraries or retrieve data to plot the route on another map.

The methods of integration are several - for example, it is possible to send input to a PTV Server in the cloud through our WebAPI solution. Integration via text files or Excel sheets are other common formats used.




PTV xServer

RouteLogiX Server
Route Optimiser IE

Route Optimiser WebAPI

There are several advantages to using our Route Planning and Route Optimisation
  • Cost savings - typically at least 10% but often exceeding 25%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - shorter in distance leads to reduced emissions.
  • Improved customer service - customers receive deliveries when they want them and with the right vehicle
  • Improved control - better control over resources by linking the sales process with storage and transport
  • Improved information flow - everyone knows the status of orders continuously
  • Improved reporting - KPI is available for used resources

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Web-based system
Route Optimiser Cloud is the only system on the market that can handle web-based Route Optimisation.