Route Planning

Route Planning means the ability to build and evaluate individual routes.

Route Logix is ​​the leading Route Planning system for the European market. In some European countries, we have 95% market share.

Route Logix is ​​available in Danish, Finnish, English, Fresh, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and German.

PTV's Route Planning include:

  • A user-friendly Route Planning system that handles one route at a time.
  • By using input of placenames, zip codes, addresses or coordinates the results is presented in a Map and Itinerary.
  • The System includes a digital map that can display such as customers, orders, tourist information, etc.
  • The Digital Map contains restrictions such as size constraints and one-way streets
  • Export to Word or Excel, where the Route Planning results are described in detail with the number of kilometers driven per road class (eg toll roads) in each country.
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Web-based system
Route Optimiser Cloud is the only system on the market that can handle web-based route optimisation.